Nashville Recording Orchestra principals David Angell and David Davidson have been central figures in Nashville’s music scene for the last 30 years.

David Angell

Violinist and Recording Contractor David Angell grew up in the 1960’s near Detroit, where his philosophy professor father encouraged him to explore a wide range of music. David began studying the violin at age five and his classical training includes performance degrees from Indiana University and the Yale School of Music. In 1986, David moved to Nashville to become a first violinist for the Nashville Symphony. After a successful classical career, David branched out to pursue commercial musical endeavors. In addition to leading the Nashville Recording Orchestra, David Angell is a member of Love Sponge Strings, an internationally renowned alternative strings group. With his violist wife, Monisa Angell, David is co-founder and writer for Twisted Wire Music, a library of diverse string-oriented music.

David Davidson

Concert Master David Davidson is a member of a rare group of musicians whose artistry crosses the traditional boundaries of musical styles by combining the worlds of classical, pop and commercial music with equal success. David is a consummate music session violinist, arranger, composer and orchestral concertmaster. His music combines equal amounts of joy, exquisite artistry and technical mastery. David Davidson’s list of string recording credits – over 20,000 songs – is the best testimony to the outstanding success of his playing and arranging in the commercial music world. He often refers to Nashville as “the Vienna of the 21st century” and he lives that vision.